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How do I sign up?
Use the sign up link on the top menu or on the front page. Fill in the form, with the proper information, we really only need to know your URL and a valid email address, but it would be nice if you filled in your name, company name and telephone number, so when we email out the API we can address you properly.

Can I still get in the beta?
The answer is Maybe. It’s a limited beta we don’t need hundreds of beta testers, but you are more than welcome to click on the contact us TAB and send us a note letting us know you are interested in the beta, we may go ahead and sign you up.

iNOC's front end (the part you see on your phone) uses a 256-bit SSL encryption provided by a Thwart certificate. The back end where the data resides is your own Kaseya VSA, we don’t host your data. When you use iNOC you are only use our front end as a conduit to view your data. The iNOC platform uses RSA encryption along with our own proprietary Quantium2DB ® security protocol, all this encapsulated inside SSL. The only one who ever sees your data is you and your phone!