Enhance Productivity for Mobile Administrators...

iNOC is the first application for delivering critical IT information to the Apple iPhone.

The application provides mobile administrators with real-time, secure access to server performance and information on one of the industry's most exciting and engaging mobile devices - Apple iPhone.

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Low Cost 

We are keeping the price very low, in most cases around $10 per engineer/month. We want iNOC to become the GO to tool when you are on the GO and as we get feedback we want to improve it at no additional cost, hey this tool came out of necessity so any improvements that are made will benefit all of us ...

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Resolve issues fast

The home screen lets you quickly see all your clients’ servers that are currently offline. Then you can on under 3 clicks send an email already fill out with the names of the offline servers alerting your team, the client, or whomever. Additionally you ca...

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iNOC empowers your engineers

to view data, in real time. Review critical information about the servers, like Network, Storage, and Hardware info. iNOC is built to offer highly intuitive and flexible features that will give your engineers what they need to quickly react, shortening your SLA time.

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The Future is here ...the future is mobile ...the future is iNOC!

Tell us what you think about iNOC.

Let us know about hurdles you face with today’s fast paced mobile world or issues that iNOC may solve that are of interest to you. Or, just drop us a line about what your ideas are for the next release of the product. We want to hear from you!

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